Configure sip from external provider to call outward

Hey all,

Since a few weeks i became interested in configuring asterisk. Since then i made about a few simple dialplans in extensions.conf and messed around here and there so i’m trying to understand it.

Right now i have my asterisk installed on a server with a public ip and it works great, everything can connect to it and it just works fine.

The next step i would like to take is configure to call outward, to the open word al landlines, cellphones ect. I found out that jou had to order a sip trunk somewhere and configure that with asterisk, but is it also possible to order a SIP account that can connect to landlines to asterisk?

SO like this

Sip -> “My asterisk” -> sip “External sip provider” -> “the rest of the world”

Since it is so cheap and easy to order one why not try this i thought, and is it possible?

That’s what most people mean by a SIP trunk.

(Strictly speaking Asterisk doesn’t treat trunks as a special case, and trunks can include tie lines, but most people using “SIP trunks”, in the FreePBX sense, use them to connect to an ITSP, which is a company that sells access to the PSTN from SIP.)

Oh okey, thats kinda funny tough i thought that it had to be configured as a special something.

So any sip provider will do, for example i can order one for around €15 a month with a public number that will allow me to call any cell or land-line toll free in europe.

Then i can configure that sip account into asterisk so my asterisk reply’s with whatever dial menu or configuration i have for my extensions and sip accounts on my asterisk right?

I doubt that anyone could offer that service with no call charges. There will either be a cap on the number of calls, or you will have to pay for each call. The ITSP has to pay for their outgoing access to the PSTN.