How many users / How big? Curious whats been done

Guys ‘n’ Gals…

I was just collecting the stats off of our Asterisk implementation and it got me wondering how many customers you can support. Currently we are at 49,969 (we thought we’d make 50k today but no) and all seems to be running well. Peak call load is around the 680 concurrent calls with the media passing through Asterisk, we want to change this in the new year get the RTP flowing directly between endpoints but for now we are constrained in this aspect.

Purely as a matter of interest what sort of customer / call levels are others achieving?

It continues to grow…

200,000 users and 2,000 concurrent calls. Add to this we’re adding more than 1,000 new subs a month to it.

Mighty fine stuff this *

How many servers have you deployed to support your traffic?