AMI Action Originate Command Ignored

I have a situation where I send Asterisk Originate commands via the AMI in an asynchronous manor. I find when I get to about 18 or 19 simultaneous calls Asterisk seems to just “ignore” or “drop” additional actions until some calls start to complete. There does not seem to be any error messages anywhere, these calls just seem to “disappear”. In asterisk.config I have maxcalls set to 80. The system itself seems to have plenty of resources available. Anybody have any ideas?


how many channels do you have available?

This is a SIP trunk and my provider tells me I have “unlimitted” outbound lines. So shouldn’t my limitation be bandwidth? (or is there a configuration somewhere to define this for SIP channels?)

It should be your bandwidth, but I would be rather concerned with what your SIP provider things “unlimited” means. That being said, you can test if they will accept more connections from you by dropping… lets say 20 call files in at the same time as your maxing out the AMI. If you still have channels, asterisk should connect these calls, and something funky is going on with the AMI. If you don’t have channels, the calls won’t get out.

I’ll give it a try… however; if I don’t have any available channels shouldn’t I at least see an OriginateResponse failure or something – or at least have the “write” of the Originate action fail. But what is happening is write the Originate action to the AMI and get a “successful return” on my TCP write but the call just disappears… That is what i find odd. I’ve seen situations where I write the Originate but if the provider is busy I get back a OriginateReponse with a failure for congestion I think.


Please post your originate syntax from the php file. This will help others understand your problem better and it will help others as well.