AMI (Asterisk astmanproxy asterisk dot net)


We are working on the integration of our CRM with Asterisk allowing our agents to call clients by clicking on a link (clcik2 call).
We are using asterisk dot net (downloaded from sourceforge).
The asterisk dot net code do login to the AMI (tcp port 5038) and send originate commands (async).

My question is if the Asterisk AMI is stable and how many concurrent calls it supports?
It can support hundreds of concurrent calls?

We also checking the option to use proxy if the answer will be that it doesn’t good for hundreds of calls.
We already started to test astmanproxy, but it seems to work only without md5.
The asterisk dot net demand md5 and when we work with md5, we don’t get the action id as reply to the challenge command (we receive just the challenge string). I think it because we implement md5 between proxy and asterisk dot net but not between the proxy and ami (since the proxy and ami run on the same server).


I find answer, the Proxy in this case, is not being needed since the asterisk dot net api use single conenction just like the astmproxy.

Some AMI operations are blocking. If you only have one connection and perform one of these, any events which are not synchronous responses to the operation will be delayed until the operation is complete.