How many channel (simultanious call) with Asterisk

Hello everybody,

How many channels (simultanious call) does an IAX trunk support to connect with Asterisk.
Do it can support over 30 simultanious call with this one Trunk?

Note : We use 2 Asterisk server (relayed by one Trunk), and we don’t have more Client User to test. So we ask this question here.
We use XLite and Idefisk.

Thanks :smile:

It should support as many calls as your bandwidth and servers are capable of dealing with. If you arent using sh*t servers you should be able to push at least 100 calls if not much more, assuming BW is available

check out the page called asterisk dimensioning. May be of interest, has reports of what people have pushed their * installs to

You could also use a tool called SIPP to create traffic…