IAX Trunking

I have two Asterisk machines setup ( A and B). Box A and Box B are connected with an IAX trunk. When I send calls from A to B through the IAX trunk I can only send 24 calls at a time.

1.) Is this the proper functionality (ie. Not a bug)?
2.) Can this number be changed?
3.) Can I have multiple 24 port IAX trunks between the same two machines?
4.) What is the best way to send lots of call between two Asterisk machines?



Was reading this post as well as the one from the developre forum. When testing threw the trunk did you try to use to different extensions? Say 20 calls to 1 and 20 calls to the other?

Been searching threw the list and every where else I could think of and found nothing on this.

I did try using different extensions. It didn’t seem to make a difference.

What enabled me to go past 24 was turning off trunking. Which is what caused me to write this post.