How do you install Asterisk telephony on Ubuntu?

Hi Guys,
I know there are ‘tutorials’ out there (i have tried them) none of the things they suggest seems to work. Anyone know an easy way of installing asterisk in my synaptic package manager a package for asterisk is available i have installed it but have no idea how to access it.

After an initial read of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (available online), I would suggest doing a source code install, as root. Once you’ve played with Asterisk for a while and understand how to configure it, you can then consider using package installs.

At the moment, you are basically asking for yet another tutorial to be written, and, I suspect, there is every chance that wouldn’t help you either, although it is unlikely anyone would write one.

Also consider whether you should be using Ubuntu. Asterisk is developed on CentOS, so the smoothest installation will always be on CentOS.

I think he is right in saying that you should do as he says so

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