How do I connect asterisk to bitrix?

I want to connector a bitrix to a public network so I can do calls to anyone how can I do it with asterisk?

Do you mean Bitrix24 CRM by “bitrix”?
There are several ways to perfrom integration between Asterisk and Bitrix 24, but this is not an out-of-the-box thing.

Could you share the use case / business requirement for such integration?
Once you provide it in more detail, I will be able to describe potential solutions…

@Pentium-5 Yes I meen Bitrix24 CRM Im an intern and the company want me to know how can I do it the case is that they want to make calls to anyone they want and they told me that asterisk could help …

The business name is:
Would you be so grateful if you could help me …

OK, will describe the options for integration today later - it will take some time

@Pentium-5 Ok I will wait for it then. Thank you.

First of all, you should define a use case for integrating systems.
In case with Asterisk and Bitrix24, the most obvious use case may be formulated as follows:
When a company receives an incoming call, caller ID is looked up in Bitrix24 database. If it is found (i.e. an existing customer is calling), then the call is redirected to the manager responsible for this customer, and a company card is shown to the manager. Otherwise, it is redirected to a default extension”.

If this use case is being considered. then the integration is feasible.
The following tips are related to implementation of this integration:

  • Use modern Asterisk REST API (ARI) to contol this channel. The related documentation can be found here: overview, specification.

  • Telephony module in Bitrix24 has iits own REST API as well! It allows querying CRM, registering and terminating calls in Bitrix. I managed to find its specification in Russian only.

So, you should write an app utilizing REST APIs for both systems and a business logic for routing calls based on the responses you get from them.

Hope this helps to start…