How do i change the ring tone

Hi guys how do i change the ring option on my queue?


exten => _8177,n,Queue(noc_queue,dntr,120)
exten => _8177,n,Hangup

thanks in advance.

Your phone is the one that needs to be signaled to offer a different ring tone. Here’s someone’s blog writeup for doing it on Trixbox. That’s not directly applicable to Asterisk or AsteriskNOW, since they don’t come with a tftp server, but the basic premise, and what you need to modify with respect to the Polycom configuration files and the Asterisk dialplan is accurate.


I meant ringback the one that can be heard when calling. Its it possible to change the common ring and change it to some kind of an recorded file.

Take out the r option and the caller will hear Music on Hold instead of ringing.