How configure Asterisk with the parameters of my voip service provider?

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I’m a beginer in Asterisk and I want to know, how can I configure or which files are to be edite in Asterisk to make some external calls toward fix an mobiles. I subcribe to a service provider but I don’t know where to put the different information in Asterisk. In freePBX we have a Web GUI for configure Trunk and Outbound Route, so I don’t look what’s going behind freePBX. So I need some help to configure Asterisk from scratch with some scripts.

I install Asterisk 13.19.2 on a Ubuntu Server 16.4 LTS without freePBX. So I need some explanation to realise this proccess.

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How about starting with :,%204th%20Edition.pdf

In this asterisk bible you wil find most of the information you need.

Thank @meightee, I know this book and I have it. But I want to make It quick because I don’t have many freetime at the office to read a book. But I don’t understand because I think I’m not a Network Administrator. And I’m a native french speaker too. I would expect some advises on which file I have to configure to do that but It’s not a problem. I will try to make it with a book.

Read the part about sip.conf, there you configure the trunks with providers.

Do realise that when you start configuring without knowing what these setting do, you run the risk of setting up a pbx that is wide open and leave you open to hackers that will use your system to make “free” phonecalls, free for them, not free for you.

Yes, I understand. I know on freePBX we have fail2ban to install. I will make it too on my Asterisk installation. I will also look at sip.conf part in the book to realise confugaration of trunk provider. I have one more question. In freePBX I create my extensions like pjsip and my trunk too. What’s the difference with sip (sip.conf and pjsip.conf) ?