Basic configuration to make Pbx live!

I have installed Asterisk 11 & I want to make a basic configuration I looking for how can I make it ?
Can you guide to a minimum steps to do it ,

Basic configuration varies from person to person. Someone needing only Voicemail in PBX requires a different configuration then someone needing SIP endpoints talking to one another.

What do you need in basic configuration?

  • Create extensions (Pbx set) talking with them
  • Create H323 or SIP trunk to connect to another sytem
  • Create SIP trunk to connect to GSM network
  • Create a queue …

If you need to ask (i.e. you are not prepared to read and understand the documentation, and/or you have no previous telephony experience) that is not a basic configuration, and you need to hire a consultant.

in Asterisk no but i have background in an others system like Avaya ,Cs1000

You should read the sample configurations and

There is far too much detail about your environment needed, to sensibly answer on a free, peer support forum. Peer support forums are best for specific issues, when following the documentation fails, and a brief answer can get you back on the right track.

Please note that I don’t do consultancy, at least not at the moment.

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