What should I configure for calling the outside world via VO

Dear All,

I am running Asterisk 1.8, what should I configure for calling the outside world via VOIP Provider?
currently, what I have done is running Asterisk with 8 FXO ports PSTN line and it works properly…
please advise

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Buy a sip account with some itsp use google to find sip providers

Hi thanks,
what is to be my concern is: what should I prepare in my Asterisk’s config regarding want to use ITSP?

I appreciate any advise

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Please do a search for “SIP Trunk” and you will find tons of answers. The advice on Asterisk configuration usually depends on if your are coding the dialplan yourself or if you are using a WebGUI for the configuration. Asterisk configuration also depends heavily on the typology of the VoIP provider you will be using (topologys differ grately)

Since Asterisk is one of the most popular IP PBX-es on the market, any decent VoIP provider should be able to help you out with the Asterisk settings so it connects to their VoIP servers.