How can i tell which POTS line is active?

Hi, how can i show which lines are ringing, or active, on my phones? i have 6 pots lines and 6 cisco 7960g phones. i need to see the lines because line #6 needs to be answered with a different greeting by the secretaries. lines 1-5 should be answered with another greeting. what do i enter for the line name in my cisco configs to represent an external line? am i going about this the right way?

If you’re using asterisk@home the flash operator panel shows you which zap trunk a call is ringing on.

is there a way to see it on the phone?

maybe i misunderstood you. i thought you wanted the secretary to be able to tell which line it’s coming in on so he/she knows what greeting to use? if so, since most secs nowadays have a PC, he/she can have FOP up on their desktop and see which line is ringing…

yeah thats what they need, but i would rather not have them check the FOP. i t would be easier to just look at the phone before picking up the handset. is this just not posible with sip?

No idea.

any ideas what i can use the line buttons on my phone for? when i press any of them, it just gives me a dial tone… the only thing i can seem to setup with them is to call out as differnt ext’s. which is pretty pointless.