Can anyone define this type of phone configuration?

My old job has 6 Cisco 7962G (and 1 7960G) phones set up. On each phone, the 6 Line buttons are labeled as follows:

Button 1 = 3X (The phone’s extension, X ranging from 0-6)
Button 2 = Line A
Button 3 = Line B
Button 4 = Line C
Button 5 = Line D
Button 6 = Help & Support (Speed Dial)

All of the phones are part of a “ringall” group, meaning every single phone rings when a call is received. But instead of the extension line (Button 1) flashing, Line A (Button 2) flashes on all of the phones. When 1 of the 7 users picks up the call, that particular phone highlights the Line A button with a green color, while all other phones highlight that same button with a red color showing that the line is in use. And, if Line A is in use, the next received call goes directly to Line B, and so on.

Does anyone know the technical term to define this type of configuration? And/Or how to set this up? I have two 7962Gs in my house and I would prefer to have a setup just like the one described above. Not only would I like to see which line is active when in use, but I’d like to make it so that incoming calls utilize the next available line button if the first is busy, instead of sharing it across the same button.

And yes, I’ve tried registering the extension across 3 buttons to simulate 3 lines, but the first button is the only one that flashes when a call is received; even while in use.

I should also mention the phones at my old job use SCCP, not SIP. Not sure if that affects anything. I am fairly new to the Asterisk world.


There is no primitive operation in Asterisk that could do this sort of thing, so you need to supply your dialplan, if you wrote it, or consult the person who did write it. In particular, this is not a good place to debug GUI generated dialplans.

If they use SCCP did they also used call manager and not asterisk?

I would suggest you to use FreePBX you will make your life easier and when you have some experience with asterisk then try to use pure asterisk.

Actually I would suggest doing simple configurations in pure Asterisk before trying FreePBX, as not understanding what is going on under the hood can make a GUI very difficult, when things go wrong.

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I agree with david551. It would be way more troublesome if you don’t fully understand all the nooks and crannies. Try Asterisk first using simple configurations, then as time goes by you’ll familiarize yourself with its ins and outs.

If using a GUI then it is what has configured and controlled Asterisk, it is ultimately in control. Asking on the forum for the GUI in question is a better place because you have to play by their rules and use their environment.

My response was only to yours in regards to supporting a GUI on this board. If a GUI is chosen then their forum should be used. If not, then here is suitable.

I’m sorry? I didn’t have anything additional to add to the original post as SCCP is a Cisco specific protocol that I have no experience with but wanted to set the expectations for those who may have read and been using a GUI, so they can receive help faster as appropriate. I also answer tons of questions on here.

If you are curious about SCCP itself - there’s multiple implementations of it, 4 or 5. Only one is in Asterisk itself, and as I said I have no experience with it.