Separate greeting for each incoming PSTN line


Hello All.

I’m using AAH, and would like to have a separate greeting attached to each of the incoming PSTN lines. There is no DID available on these standard POTS lines.

Does anyone have a recipe, or just some pointers, for doing this ?

I think I should be changing the context in zapata.con for each line, and then changing call handling in extensions.conf also. I just don’t know what exactly to be changing.

Many thanks.

Paul James


With 49 views and zero replies, I’m thinking Asterisk can’t play a separate greeting for each POTS (non DID) incoming line.

This would have been great for any office running multiple companies.

Thanks anyway.

Paul James


well maybe it’s the fact that this question has been answered soooo many times on both this forum and the A@H forum. did you even bother to search ?

each zap channel is given a different context to connect to. you create this context and either put all your processing in that, or simply set a ${GREETING_MSG} variable and have later dialplan processing play a greeting according to the variable value.

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