How can I send the call to the outbound trunk?

I don’t have the digum card but i have the outbound trunk cisco AS5300.
Where can i setup the command and let the call send to the cisco ?
Thanks for help!!

In sip.conf, I suppose?

Is your asterisk connected to AS5300 via E1/T1?

Do you know how to setup?


From you asterisk configure sip.conf and extension.conf


exten => _x,1,Dial(…dunno how to ‘zap’ coz haven’t tried)
could be something similar like SIP
exten => _x,1,Dial(SIP/${exten}@provider)…

then in your as5300:

you should configure the following:

e1 - pri/isdn or r2 (depends on your setting)
codec preference
dial-peer voip to send to another provider gw/server.