Cisco AS5300 learning curve


I am planning to setup a Cisco as5300(with 4E1) with *, I am pretty good at * part but new to the Cisco world, Can anybody give me an idea about the learning curve of a basic configuration for AS5300 to work with asterisk? my background is unix and network administration but have never touched Cisco before.


You need to make sure to use the Cisco IOS support SIP protocol.

YOu need to understand two type of dial-peer, VOIP and POTS. VOIP dial-peer is for Billing issue and the DID issue, and pots dial-peer is for PSTN temination.

Just forward the PSTN termination invitation message to Cisco5300, and set the dial-prefix to forward the number to different E1 voice port.

That sound simple, I think you need 2 months to get familar with these.

Good luck

thank you so much