Sip Trunk Explanation

Hi all,

In the past I’ve setup an Asterisk system using version 1.8. It had analog lines running to a Digium card. Runs very well.

I’m working on a new system using the 11-r378934 branch with a single span Digium 1TE122BF T1 card. I have a sip trunk from Voxox with 4 DIDs. Only 1 is really needed. I’m confused as to how the provider and the Asterisk box communicate with each other. Hopefully someone can help.

To communicate with the provider using a sip trunk, a digital T1 card is needed, correct? I live in the USA.

Does the digital card receive and IP from the dhcp server on the network like any other device? The Asterisk seems to know it exists, but other than that I don’t know what to expect. Running “dahdi_hardware -v” produces…

pci:0000:0b:08.0     wcte12xp+    d161:8000 Wildcard TE121

Voxox gave me the following instructions, which I followed.

I was hoping there was something simple I was missing. Otherwise I will start adding configuration files. I did double check with the provider and they said everything looked fine on their end. Please educate me.

Please read the book at

SIP trunks use the same infrastructure as your other internet connections.