How can I be a voip provider with my asterisk server

I plan to be a voip provider in my country. I tried asterisk@home-2.2 with centos-4 operating system because is rather simple to admin. But the matter is the billing. In fact how can my clients check their own accounts on my server via a web page ?
Just give me a web site where I could find any answer.
Thanks you very much and happy new year. :smiley:

You will need to send your cdr’s to a database(use asterisk-addons for this) and then a gui to sit on top of the database. There are a few out there. You can search for “asterisk” on and probably find some.

Asterisk@Home is more of a basic system if you want to quickly set up and play with a basic PBX. If you want to be an ISP then you will need a lot more. If you want to provide services you should learn how to configure asterisk manually. This will help if a client wants some custimization. As far as billing systems look around on There are systems out there but there prob. wont be one for your exact needs. I think its worth going with a custom setup. This way you know how it was done and if it needs changes it wont be hard to do.

Thank you for your answers. I looked up in and found A2Billing. So according to you can I use it for my billing system ?

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no offense, but if you need to ask, you probably shouldn’t be a VOIP provider. it’s a technical business and if you can’t make the determination for what you need yourself, you may not have the skillset required.

also, bear in mind that the folks who HAVE spent the time and energy on building a custom voip service probably aren’t going to give their intellectual property away.

Ok derek, but would you mind to give me a list of serious voip providers from US and UK. I think it’s possible to be a reseller with my asterisk server. Is it also a matter of intellectual property ? :confused: