Asterisk Billing Solution - AsterBill

AsterBill is the perfect solution for enterprises seeking to sell Voice over
IP (VoIP). This brand-new system is a web interface which allows for
complete control over billing, customer management, personalized package
management, and enterprise inventory management.

AsterBill is a completely automated system; it autonomously sends invoices
to customers each month. All calls placed by customers are recorded by the
system for billing purposes each day.

The system assists in the management of your hardware. Not only does it
manage your DIDs, keep a history of VoIP routers and adapters, it allows for
tracking of the assignee of such hardware.

Other functionalities of AsterBill:

End-Users Billing Prepaid & Postpaid
Hardware Inventory "ATA, Softphone, SoftSwitch, and more"
DIDs Inventory
Switch Inventory "Asterisk Server"
Package Management "Multi Group per Package"
Manage Prefix and Rate Tables
Import & Export Rate List
Tax Management
Ignored Prefix Management
Automatic Invoice & Manual Invoice
Wholesale Operations Prepaid & Postpaid
Admin Panel and User Panel for End-Users and Wholesale
Payment gateways "Worldpay, PayPal, 2Checkout"
CDR Search per SIP, Account Code, IAX, Zap, H323
Accounting “Accounts receivable, Statement, Reports per Payment Metod”

Additional modules for AsterBill:
Calling card system
Live Prepaid billing

Pierre-Luc Quimper
Business General Manager
Cybex Development
Phone: 1-514-907-0051

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