How Asterisk enable police wiretap on calling through *?

FCC rules VOIP provider must provide police or FBI the ability to wiretap calls. I wonder how Asterisk handle that? … _court_fbi

Would they be able to tap a remote extension connected over a vpn?

I can see it now, people being paid in large quantitys of cash to install asterisk with vpn hardware and remote extensions in columbia, london, amsterdam, new york :smile:


as far as I understand this, the noseguys want to tap voip in public networks like they tap standard phone.
As long as you do not use asterisk to set up your own phone company, you should not be concerned. I believe, BTW, that even before voip some big companies were connecting their overseas offices via private links and so could not be tapped. Why shouldn’t a small to medium sized operation do the same?


you are completly right musicman, only if you are running your asterisk box through a company such as vonage can your calls be taped by the federal government, or as musicman stated if you are trying to start your own phone company then you would have no choice but to conform to the rules. however if you are using the free pbx solution for private internal calls then the fed’s would have no grounds to tap your system, if they did then they themselfs would be breaking a couple of privacy laws. since asterisk is not a “voip provider” but mainly a software package the have no liability to the government to conform to those laws. as for them tapping into a vpn they would also be breaking more of there privacy laws because then they are hacking into a secured network. i hope this helped clarify the stipulations of the laws a little bit, if not just let me know and ill try to clarify it a little better.

In case to start a VOIP company with ASterisk, so how would Asterisk handle that?