Can I perform a external call without a VoIP provider

I am a newbie in asterisk and was trying to connect my internal network to the public line, to make calls through the normal line.

My idea is not to use a VoIP provider at all, at least in the first few times.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Only to another VoIP phone or PBX, and most PBXes will be firewalled against such accesses, even though SIP allows point to point operation.

Thanks for your answer.

But isn’t it possible to connect Asterisk to the PSTN line by simply using an FXO gateway / adapter?

I read the question as “how do a I make free calls, with only a VoIP connection to the world?”

Of course, if you can use any form of PSTN service provider, not just a VoIP based one. I assumed that was obvious, especially as Asterisk is a PBX for making analogue calls that has VoIP added, so using an FXO connection was the original way of using Asterisk.

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Firstly thankyou clivesam and david551 for the help.

Maybe my english is not good enough, sorry for that.

Anyway I was trying to ask about normal calls, not necessary free calls.

In that way, could you suggest me some place to learn about how can i perform this? Some place where i can find information about the hardware and the software requered and they configurations.

Thanks again.

How can i connect to the internet without an internet provider :wink:

None of the solutions I indicated, in my last reply, require you to be connected to the internet.

(Nowadays, unless you are an ISP, you cannot connect to the internet without a service provider, although that service provide might not be a conventional ISP - it might be the local coffee shop or your employer.

30 years, ago, you might just have leased a line from your local telco to a nearby university, and then organised things with their system admins, but things have been commercialised since then.)