Voipbuster & asterisk?

i’m interested by their free calls.$
any way to link this up to asterisk (as gizmo) for the free destinations only?
anyne tried so?



Will work with voipstunt.com as well, just change VoipBuster for VoipStunt.

can these (voipstunt & voipbuster) be used in corporate environment? I.e. must i set up an account for each of the employees (this was the big problem with skype too until recently…)

how does it handle firewalls (few information on their site).
are communications encrypted?
can it be used with an ordinary phone with ATA adapter or channelbank on asterisk?

I would not depend on either of these services for extended enterprise use, but the choice is yours and a part of the level of risk your organization is willing to accept. As for their policies on numbers of users you have to ask them.

Same as other SIP services, the firewall issues are on your side.

No, they do not use SRTP.

Yes, the service is SIP based so any SIP compliant endpoint may be used.