Hosted PBX - Asterisk

Im a user at Hosted PBX - they use Asterisk and offer a featurede call “URL Call” - so when a person call they can enter an value and that will be sent to ex. a URL that record it in a mysql. Every call have a uniquecallid that will be record with the user input.

Use the Snom 300 VoIP phone - have “Action URL” . So when i take the phone it should found what the user havde enteret. Both the “URL Call” feature make ex. this uniquecallid: 1169300479.83090

The phone can return this call-id: 09927b982cc3632d187ad0cd136ee281@[ip]

And theese to values is not the same - How can i make a phone call from the PBX together with the SNOM phone - via URL’s

Sorry my english - im from Denmark :smiley: