Sendurl and web popup

i would like to be able to pop up information from a customer database based on a cid. i have already implemented the php to pop-up the correct data and i have been able to use “sendurl” to send the proper url to the caller’s extension when they call someone. what i want is the caller’s cid (with additional info pulled from our customer database) to pop-up on the [b]recipient’s[/b] extension (softphone) in a web browser!
i assume this feature would be often requested, but i can’t find much information on how to do it. if “sendurl” is not the right way to do this, please let me know what is. thanks

softphone: DIAX .9.15a
asterisk: 1.0.9
macro command (in extensions.conf): exten => s,1,SendURL(myurl.php?CID=${CALLERNUM})
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perhaps that was too noob of a question. or is this forum abandoned? am i talking in an empty warehouse?

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i guess this is the wrong forum. can someone point me to a forum where my question is more relevant?
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do i need to get my post amounts up before anyone listens to me? i’ll get started on that.

No we all are in the same boat, knowing only little bit about Asterisk. Many of my questions goes unanswered too and the guys at the Digium that wrote all this stuff is not supportting it much as well. Yeah the software is for free but we still need to buy the boards and they only do support on the boards which you have to pay for :frowning:. They keep saying read this website to get your information and use this forum but if everyone in the forum knows about the same amount then you at a catch 22 :smile:

Asterisk is great and has lots of potenetial but I think they need to re-think their business plan again because it doesn’t help to sell the boards if people are struggling to get simple answers on the software. May just force people into another direction. I am at the point now where I use Asterisk as a dumb pass through server. I am re-writing the whole Telephony logic myself using FastAGI and something newer than C. So when a call comes in I just pass it to my AGI server that handles everything from there. It is a lot of work but it is still easier than to get an answer out of the Digium guys.

i’m glad to hear others are having the same frustrations. i just returned from the fall von 2005 quite enthusiastic about diving into asterisk. this was my first serious attempt at using * in a business environment.

i was directed to this forum from under “support”. I kept digging elsewhere after giving up on this forum and here’s the latest on my problem. it appears sendurl (and sendtext for that matter) will only send responses back to the caller’s terminal. this is useless as i want to send info to the recipient’s terminal (like the caller id feature in today’s phones). i found that information on the voip-info wiki and the asterisk guru tutorials.

in the wiki there are a few references to “cid-like” products and implementations; some of which haven’t been update since 2001 or so, and some that i was unable to get to work. the best option i have found was sending some sort of smb message or jabber IM (this was also in the wiki). however, our company would probably frown on instant messaging clients on the workstations (and i would prefer not to have to build a jabber infrastructure for this one feature).

I would suspect it is a feature that is already there, but there is no documentation about it and no information is forthcoming from the “support” resources. perhaps digium is not the place to go for questions not directly regarding their hardware, but then why was i redirected here? i have spent money on digium hardware, and if i can get a working demonstration of this feature, i could easily get approval for more digium hardware. with my current situation (lack of detailed documentation/support), i may have no choice but to consider other options.

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Well like I said I am implementing tha “kind of functionality” thru a FastAGI server. The server is receiving the call from Asterisk via exten => XXXX,1,agi(agi:// The AGI server then instructs Asterisk to dial the necessary extension and also pops a window on the person PC. This is done via TCP/IP sockects. So the person has client software that connects to the same AGI Server and listens for messages from the server.

You can read more about AGI at - but look at FastAGI too : … terisk+AGI


i will begin studying agi asap. are there other books/websites besides the wiki that go into more detail about agi/fastagi? if not, i guess i’ll use the examples and try to learn as i go (usually the best way anyway).
thanks man


you’re misssing a trick. They’re is an asterisk MAILING list available which was the original support mech. An example of a users list is:- … hread.html

You can subsribe to the lists by email, but note that even if you take a digest you will get a flood of email 7-10 a day on the digest list. I personally think a webforum is more useful but all the diehard linux geeks pefer their email based service.

Unfortunately critical mass of exp * users is on the mailing list it’s mainly noobs who kick around this forum, therefore the forum experience level is low and generally the quality/quanity of response is poor. The reverse is true on the mailing list.


Yes I am aware of that and I unsubscribed because it is far more than 7-10 a day :smile:. I agree a webforum is much more practical. If we can just get Digium to dedicate someone who is at least a little bit more Asterisk savy than us to help around here. If such a person help for about 6 months maybe a year, all that knowledge would have been carried over to other people who then can help out here too. Just look at the read and reply ratio on this forum and see what I mean.