Possible function: call with feedback


i am planning to replace an old system by asterisk.

Now i am looking for a special function:

Is it possible to do the following (maybe with a external module):

  • Trigger asterisk with a phone numer and an id over web or API.
  • Asterisk calls the number and says a predefined voice statement.
  • Maybe the voice statement has the dynamically created ID in it.
  • The caller presses a phone butten to confirm or not.
  • Asterisk should record this in a log, database or feedback via API.

Is this possible? Has someone a hint for me, how to realize this (link to howto, etc.)

Best regards,

Yes it is possible, to start the call look for AMI Originate action ( voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … o-dial+out ) and for all the actions that are to be executed should be enough just some dialplan commands (if not just build an AGI script).


Marco Bruni