Hook flash not #

Asterisk 1.2.1, analog handsets connected to a TDM2440E internally, TE110P connected to PRI line externally. I have the system configured so that on both incoming and outgoing calls the internal handsets can transfer. Currently, we use the default # key for this.

The problem with this configuration is that when making calls to other PBX systems that use the # key as a terminator, such as needed for automated company directories, our Asterisk thinks we want to transfer the call.

I would like to use hook-flash instead of #. Currently, Asterisk is ignoring hook-flash completely. I think this is because I am not using the 3-way calling feature that expects the hook-flash. I do NOT want the 3-way calling feature behavior. My suspicion is that I need to replace a setting somewhere in the zap code to look for hook-flash instead of #.

Does anyone know how to substitute hook-flash for #?

Not sure, but i can tell you they go through totally different methods.

If you hit # to transfer, that’s probably using features.conf (so you could change it to * for example)

hookflashing OTOH uses the zaptel driver and is configured in zapata.conf. According to the current (1.2) config files, you cannot enable transfer w/out 3way calling. I believe this is because they use the same mechanism- you make a 3way call and then remove yourself from it, and it leaves the existing two legs connected.