HIPath 3800 / HG1500 & Asterisk

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We have HiPath3800 with HG1500, i successfully connected HG1500 with Asterisk using IP Trunking.

Following things are working.

SIP Phone – Asterisk-- SIP Native–HG1500–Extension (Working)
Extension–HG1500–SIP Native–Asterisk–SIP Phone (Working)

how to use HIPath 3800 PRI Line for outgoing call from Asterisk.

SIP Phone – Asterisk–SIP Native–HG1500–(PRI External phone).

HG1500 Version 6
Asterisk Version 1.4.22

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you connect an hg1500 over sip with an asterisksrver great , but how you did this , i know the hipath 3800 and hxgm very good but i didn´t know the asterisk , could you send or post me how to config the asterisk for an iptrunking connect .

to use the hipath 3800 as gateway you need the least cost routing in the hipath . the dial plan have to look like this , 0CZ to the pri line , but you have to add at your cornet line a pabx number example 111 , ok you have to enter an dialplan in the asteriskserver, i didn´t know how to config it at the asterisk but with hipath systems it work like this , for the dial out in the asterisk you have to enter the 111and after this your dial out number 0 , if you dial 01234 you have to add the 11101234



Trying to connect HIPath 3800 / HG1500 & Asterisk, have followed several instructions on web, no success so farm. The confusig part is that these instructions are not saying same thing, so Im confused, which is the right way to do this., Im new in HIPath 3800 / HG1500 & Asterisk so any help would be great…