Asterisk & HiPath 4000 V2.0

hi guys,

in my company we have a hipath 4000 version 2.0 ip-pbx and we planned to upgrade to SIP, but now we have some problems with siemens.
so i’m searching for other possibilities to implement SIP.
is it possible to use Asterisk as SIP-gateway to the hipath 4000. i think of an configuration like this:

SIP terminal -> asterisk server -> hipath -> landline

would that be possible or does anyone has experiences with that?


you don’t need SIP. Try a HG35XX as H.323-Gateway. It works in our Company.

thx for your reply. we already have a hipath 4000 ip-pbx with the hg35xx gateway => we have h.323

which softphones does your company use? the siemens opticlient 130?


we are not using softphone. We only use hardphones Siemens Optipoint. Which h.323 did you use. oh323 works good, but we have Problems with ooh323.

Are you from Germany?


nope, i’m from austria. sorry but what is the difference between oh323 and ooh323?? never heard about that before!

oh323 is based on openh323. ooh323 works like the sip module in Asterisk with users, peers and friends. the ooh323 source is in the addon-package off Asterisk 1.2 or can downloaded at

I’m from Germany. So you can post me your contact to
It’s easier to talk in German.

At the moment we are testing the new Hipath 8000 with SIP implemented. And a trunk between Hipath 4000 v2 and Cisco Callmanager.

the mailadress is