[HELP] Zaptel error: Unable to create channel op type 'Zap'


In struggeling with this problem for a two weeks now.
I have a X100P clone card in my * box but I’m not able to get it to run.
I’m running fedora core 3 with kernel 2.6.12-1.1372_FC3 on a VIA EPIAML500EA

The compiling of both zaptel and asterisk went without any errors.
I can run zaptel and asterisk without any errors.
When I run ztcfg I don’t get any errors too.
If I run ztmonitor there is no signal comming in.

When I try to place a call trough my x100p I get this error message in asterisk:
NOTICE[4160]: app_dial.c:1091 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘Zap’ (cause 0 - Unknown)

Outside calls are not comming in either.

Here are my zapata.conf and zaptel.conf:


loadzone = nl


The funny part comes here:
I’m installing a *box for a friend with a ISDN card and the same problem occures.
So I probarbly doing something wrong in fedora…

Any ideas???


Hello, I had this same issue on the most recent version on the CVS tree. I downloaded a stable CVS version and had no troubles after that.

Hope that helps…

I’m not really an expert in linux (yet). :wink:

What is it your suggesting: installing an older asterisk or zaptel
Or installing an older version of CVS?

I already tried installing an older version of asterisk and kernel.
On the isdn *box I installed kernel 2.6.9 with asterisk 1.08.

That didn’t help: still same problem… :cry:

what happened ?
have you solved the problem?

What the exact problem was is never solved.

I configured a new box on which I installed CentOs.

All my problems were solved.

I guess the combination of Fedora and that specific version of Asterisk was the problem…

I installed Federo Core 4 and FreeBSD, and had difficulting compiling the digium drivers into the kernel. I followed the instructions from digium’s website with no luck. I used Asterisk@home (centos) and it solved all the problems. All newbies (like me) should use Asterisk @ home, its so easy to use!

  1. download the asterisk@home iso (500 megs) and burn on cd
  2. pop it in your cd rom drive with a empty harddrive
  3. format the hd, install it and asterisk is ready to go!
  4. in windows, you can access your gui by going to!

Why don’t they make Asterisk@home for Windows?