Unable to connect X-Lite to Asterisk Server

Dear All,

I am not able to connect to Asterisk Server using X-Lite

  1. X-Lite and Astesrisk server are on different VLAN’s
  2. Can able to ping the Asterisk Server from the X-Lite machine
  3. NAT IP is enabled for the Asterisk Server, but able to access the server URL from X-Lite machine using IP only (not a NAT IP)
  4. Extensions are created in Asterisk Server and same are used in X-Lite
  5. X-Lite used Domain = IP of Asterisk Server, tried with Domain and Proxy option but still getting error
  6. Getting error on X-Lite - 401 Unauthorized/408 Request Timeout

Is sip.conf and extension.conf is necessary as the extensions are configured in Asterisk UI?
Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.


What do you mean, in terms of contents of configuration files, by “NAT IP is enabled for the Asterisk Server”?

Which SIP channel driver are you using?

What is the actual contents of the INVITE dialogue, from the channel driver’s logging

Unauthorised is normal. 408 will be faked internally but generally doesn’t make sense as the return address supplied by the client is good ,or you wouldn’t have the 401, and the Contact header in the response will not take effect until after the session has started.

Thanks David. I am able to connect X-Lite, added extensions and able to established call.

Now further problem is I am not able to get Audio/voice from one extension number to another. In some cases it shows the light indicators are moving when used headset.

All the codecs for SIP are enabled in Asterisk and X-Lite both. I am using Chan_SIP and PJSIP extensions.

Please help.