Configuring T1

Hi community! :wink:

If i’m going to configure a digital T1 in my asterisk, what parameters/info i need ask to my ISP Provider?


You’ll want to know the framing and the coding.
You’ll want to know the signaling type - is it a PRI, is it E&M?
You’ll want to know how many voice channels you’ve got. If it’s PRI where your d-channel is.
If it’s PRI, what type of PRI signaling is it.
If it’s E&M, you’ll want to know whether it’s immediate, wink, or Feature Group D.
You’ll want to know how many digits you get on dialed numbers.


By PRI, I think you really mean common channel signalling. Outside the Asterisk world, all that PRI really means is E1 or T1 physical level presentation.

Generally you want the answer for most of the options in chan_dahdi.conf, including type of number for incoming and caller-ID numbers.