Asterisk 13.6.0 Error on make

I still consider myself and newbie…so without further ado…
I have asterisk 11.11 loaded and running. I wanted to configure it to use google.voice for outgoing sip calls. However, chan_motif and res_xmpp are not available in make menuselect. Although all the documentation states these to modules should be available in version 11. They are xxx out.
Unable to find any documentation on how to add them in, I proceed to install version 13.6.0

If anyone can tell me how to get those two modules into version 11.11 it would save me a lot of time. If not if you can tell me how to clear the error below.

I am trying to install Asterisk 13.6.0. I am following the instructions in the wiki. When I try to run make I am getting the following error.
json.o: In function ‘ast_json_object_update_existing’: /usr/local/src/asteris-13.6.0/main/json.c458: undefined reference to 'json_object-update_existing’
json.o: In function ‘ast_josont_objet_update_missing’: /usr/local/src/asterisk-13.6.0/main/json.c:485: undefined reference to 'json_object_update_missing’
collect2: ld return 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [asterisk] Error 1
make: *** [main] Error 2

I went to and followed the instruction there however, I am still getting the above error when I try to run make.
Any help on clearing this would be greatly appreciated.