Help with creating an Open Source IVR using VOIP

Hi everyone. The company I am interning in has asked me to create an Open Source IVR system using VOIP. The IVR system is very basic and asks users what department do they want to contact upon connecting and directs them to the appropriate department members . I need help with the selection of the type of Asterisk software to be used here and recommendations on any guides to read to complete my task. I am a Windows User with knowledge in C,C++ and Python. Please guide me on what to do. I respect your time and Have a great day.

Type of Asterisk software: Asterisk

Type of OS: Linux.

I believe FreePBX has GUI configuration of automated attendants, but the Background, Goto, Gosub and WaitExten applications can be used in hand coded dialplans.

Hi sir.Thanks for your quick reply. I will install Linux and use Asterisk software.Is it recommended to use Asterisk from scratch or use some of their startup packages?And are there any best tutorials to learn this.Thanks.


You can install FreePBX from distro and configure IVR with couple of clicks. But if you want to do everything from the scratch I would recommend to install Linux distributive of your choice and find a tutorial on how to compile and install Asterisk on it.

I can suggest this tutorial for CentOS 6. If I recall correctly there will be one package missing that will show up during asterisk compilation and you will have to install it with yum.

Than you can just google on how to create IVR in Asterisk with dialplan. There are plenty of exanples on that.

Hope this will help you.

im newbie in this application, and i only know to use is the GUI, in 0% in CLI, i was assigned to Create IVR, I created it, connect to the Time Condition and created a time group, but when the set time happen, the IVR is not working, i read in other forum that i need to do something in CLI, so that the created IVR will be facilitate in the Voicelink (FreePBX) i hope you can help Me…

This is my emil Add,

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No GUI is supported on this board.

Asterisk GUI is long dead and FreePBX has peer support at