Beginner Question - VOIP IVR system using Asterisk and VXML

I have a traditional IVR (0800) system that I’d like to migrate to VOIP.

Then I wondered an architecture like this below :

  • Asterisk running on Linux as the corporate PBX

  • Something, which I dont know what is it, acting as the VXML interpretor. On a traditional approach, this would be the application running “on top of” the voice/fax/modem cards. So, it would be the thing that effectively would “play” the audios and listen to the dialed numbers.

  • As for the site that responds to the VXML pages, this is on my own of course and would be on another server. Very likely on my home page http server.

Feasible ?

Would it be a good architecture ?

Could there be another disposition for these parts ? I mean another arrangement ?