Help with configuration

Hi! I am just starting with Asterisk. I need help in configuring it. After reading the manual, I can’t connect my ata-186 from a remote location using the internet. I already have my domain name. I ping my name ( and it returns an ok. I have punched the holes in my router. And I am forwarding the requests to ports 5060 to the computer running asterisk.
Regarding my Asterisk box, I need it to answer the phone when some one dials me in. From there, I need a prompt to ask the caller to dial a extention number. Once at the extension, I want the caller to listen to a recording and at the end of the recording, I need to give the caller the optiong to record a message.
Is it complicated? Can someone point me to the right website? Or better yet, can anybody help me to write my sip.conf and extensions.conf files?
I will only be using broadvoice as my sip provider for incoming and outgoing!

Thank you !