Help with Automated call verification system

I am working on a automated call verification program that will trigger asterisk to place an outbound call to a dynamic phone number. When the call is answered it will play a prerecorded message or use festival to prompt the user for information that will be recorded to an audio file that will be inserted into a database record. I am working with c# but open to learn any language that can provide me with a solution. Any help and examples would be greatly appreciated…

My recommendations are:

  1. Look at the asterisk dial plan (ie extension.conf file). This is where you are going to start the sequence when someone answer the line.
  2. you can send “live” commands to Asterisk (thus piloting the pbx to call people stored in your database). This set of commands can also return values used to interact with remote database or triggers.
    Hope this help

can u explain

he’s talking about the Manager interface -

you set up a context or extension on your system that does the required playback and whatnot, then call that extension via the manager interface (specifically by using the Originate command).

there are several threads on this exact issue in the Users forum - please search.