Asterisk API

Hi everyone,

I am newbie to Asterisk, i have to develop an app which will pick phone number of persons and call them via PSTN , then play IVR for them like predective dialer. I am on Astrerisk API (C# .Net) for this purpose . Please guide me to achieve this task using this API. Thanks in advance.

I think the best way to do this, is to use the call back features on asterisk. using call files here are the more info in the link

There is a predictive dialing package that is commonly used with Asterisk.

However, the most guidance you should even expect on a peer support forum is a answer to a very specific problem, or a pointer to the documentation, and a lot of people here feel that outgoing call centre operators should not even get that for free.

Also, asking support questions on a non-support forum doesn’t help your chances of a reply.