Problem with Ring Groups

We have a case in where the receptionist want to forward all incoming calls to a Ring Group when she leaves her place.

The Receptionist phone is a Polycom 650 and she sets an automatic call forward to Ring Group 100.

The Ring Group 100 is set to ring for 60 sek and if not answered, goes back to the Ring Group until call is answered or caller hangs up.

The problem is that it rings for approx. 20 sek(3 signals) then stops ringing. It continues to ring for the caller.

When checking the Asterisk log we get the following errors for all extensions in the Ring Group:

[2011-08-15 09:53:55] WARNING[2565] app_dial.c: Skipping dialing interface ‘SIP/21’ again since it has already been dialed

Is this an error or what are we doing wrong?

We are running Asterisk

Regards, Jan Berggren

Ring groups are not an Asterisk concept, but rather an Asterisk GUI concept, so I can’t be sure exactly what you mean.

There is or was a bug which causes inappropriate use of the message you quote. The intended purpose is that when several numbers are being rung in parallel, Asterisk should not end up trying to ring the same number more than once, but the test can also trigger in other cirmcumstances.

I don’t know if it is fixed in the latest version, but I believe a patch has been added to the issue report on

Edit to fix bad link.

Thank you for your reply David55.

I understand the inteded purpose of avoiding loops, but I see no extension being dialed twice…

I will check the issues(you misspelled the link, here it is

Regards, Jan Berggren