Ring groups not workin :s

where am i supposed to start lookin for the problem when the ring groups doesnt work?? i gto this group to dial 200, 201, 202, but it does what it wants!
when 200 dials it, it rings only on itself
when 201 dials it, it rings on 201 and on 200
when 202 dials it, onl rings in 200
and when someone from the outside dials a number which gets redirected to the extension, it only rings on extension 200
any1 had a problem like this before?? any help would be appreciated!

Firdt thing would be to start asterisk like this
asterisk -vvvvc
then you can see what its doing

To ring mutiple extensions I do it like this

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,1,DIAL(Zap/61&Zap/62&Zap/63&iax2/user,15)

Perhaps you could show us copies of your extensions.conf file, your sip.conf file and what you see when you type “sip show peers” at the cli.