Help Regarding High load On VPS's

Hello Asterisk Forum,

I need you help urgently.

1.for the last month (only on Sunday for some reason), my load on the VPS’s (that have host and virtual controller above them) load is very high (between 7-10 when peak gets to 34!!), which cause for bad call qualities + extensions to disconnect (mostly my snom phones).

I looked on SSH didn’t not see any unusual errors or warnings + vtop command did not show any indication + Fortigage support said they dont see any problem with settings that are on firewall (fortigate 90D).

During Monday To Thursday load is low (1.5 max) and all is ok.

I really am out of ideas what can cause it, and need you help urgently.

what can i check that causing it? did some on experienced it before and resolved issue?

please help

2.Also once in month i get re transmissions that cause calls after 6-7 seconds to drop (it goes about 20-30 minutes) then suddenly stop. can someone help me about this issue too?

please help


Does your system do anything automated on Sundays? Backups?

As for retransmissions these occur when no response to a request is received, which is usually network level.

please help

its huge problem for me

please help


Hi thx for you help

no backups, as it a mirror between primary host to secondary host.

do you have an idea from where it can come from.

i really stuck and dont know if its maybe a conference call that every sunday occurs and causing all this load, i thought maybe one client is downloading massive recordings and blocked all remote access but problem resumed yesterday.

please help

There’s not enough information to really provide insight. You have to examine what is going on at the time to try to narrow it down.