Urgent Help Needed - Data Center Issue with Asterisk

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek urgent assistance regarding a critical issue we are currently facing with our data center’s Asterisk system. We are in desperate need of your expertise and guidance to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

The issue we are encountering involves our Asterisk setup, which serves as the backbone of our telecommunications infrastructure. It has been functioning flawlessly for several years, but recently, we started experiencing intermittent disruptions in our telephony services. Calls are being dropped, and customers are complaining about poor call quality.

Here are some specific details about the problem:

Call Drops: Calls are randomly dropping, resulting in an unstable and unreliable communication experience for our customers and internal users.

Poor Call Quality: The audio during calls is frequently distorted, with significant delays and occasional packet loss. This degradation in call quality is adversely affecting our operations and customer satisfaction.

System Overload: We suspect that the increased call volume and traffic on our network might be overloading the Asterisk system, causing it to struggle to handle the load.

Error Messages: We have observed some error messages in the logs related to SIP signaling, RTP transmission, and channel congestion. However, we are uncertain about the root cause and how to rectify these issues.

We have a dedicated team of IT professionals working on this problem, but despite their best efforts, we have been unable to identify and resolve the underlying cause. We have exhausted our troubleshooting options and need fresh perspectives and insights from the community to help us tackle this challenge.

If anyone has encountered similar issues with their Asterisk deployment or possesses expertise in this area, we kindly request your assistance. Any suggestions, recommendations, or troubleshooting steps you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few specific areas where we would value your input:

Recommendations for System Optimization: We are interested in learning about best practices for optimizing our Asterisk setup to handle high call volumes efficiently.

Diagnosing Call Drops: If you have experienced call drops with Asterisk before, we would love to hear about your troubleshooting approach and any potential solutions you have implemented.

Improving Call Quality: We are open to suggestions on how to enhance the call quality within the Asterisk system, including techniques to minimize audio distortion, latency, and packet loss.

Analyzing Error Messages: If you have expertise in interpreting Asterisk error messages or insights into the specific errors we mentioned, please share your knowledge. It would be incredibly helpful in narrowing down the root cause.

We are genuinely grateful for any assistance you can provide. Our organization relies heavily on our Asterisk system, and resolving this issue promptly is of utmost importance to us. Feel free to respond to this post or reach out to us directly if you prefer. We are eagerly looking forward to your contributions and are hopeful that together, we can overcome this challenge.

Thank you for your time and support.

You need to be more specific, if you expect any real help. The usual approach would be to check that the hardware is and the cables are OK, there are no problems with the rest of the network, and only then look at the PBX.

I’ve seen cases where the problem turned out to be a broken cheap switch hidden in a wardrobe.

Poor Call Quality: Can equate to bandwidth issues. Ask your Provider for details on Speed and such.
Error Messages: Please post the exact output from log file to see the actual error message.
Improving Call Quality: Who’s your carrier?

Please tell us:

  1. Which version of Asterisk are you using?

  2. Which operating system and version is this running on?

  3. What volume of calls (per minute / per hour / etc) are you putting through
    the system?

  4. What’s the basic spec of the hardware this is running on?

  5. You say you are getting error messages relating to SIP signaling, RTP
    transmission, and channel congestion - please tell us exactly what these are.

  6. If possible, give us an idea of what has changed between when things were
    working okay and now - is it just increased volume of calls? If so, how well
    does the system behave during “quiet times” when call volumes are low?


I would add to:
a) Post any logs with issues, that will give a lot of insight.
b) Look into VoipMonitor. You can install it on your network (I recommend using port mirroring and NOT installing it on your Asterisk box) and see if it picks up any abnormalities.
c) People take for granted how UDP works and what a high load will do to such packets. If your load avg is above the core count, packets will get dropped and the call quality will suffer. Have you looked at the load on your boxes for the times you were having issues?

Have Asterisk been deployed by the same IT professionals??
According to problem description have focused as asterisk issue, but have check about network issues?
Need to provide more details about what have been working and if have analyze network when troubles happens, same with Asterisk with OS (processes, memory etc).
As other said needs log.

Peer support forums are not good for urgent help. People answer in their own time, and may not answer at all. You urgency is irrelevant to them.

all of sudden suggests a change occurred. or some external influence on the system.

but detaisl are needed not just I have errors. what are the errors,

You can paste in log entries. This is a awesome community, but details are needed.

Ok I will do and then confirm it


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