[HELP] - Queue strategy

I use asterisk 1.8 and I have an inbound call center.
I use leastrecent as queue strategy.

I have 3 agents: A,B,C.

Suppose that:

  • A: last call 3 secs ago
  • B: last call 4 secs ago
  • C: last call 5 secs ago

Next call will be routed to C. If C doesn’t answer the call still ring as a infinite loop to C.
I want that the next call is routed to C, but if C doesn’t answer I want that this call is routed to the next agent (B) and then (A).

Is it possible to have a mixed strategy leastrecent+roundrobin?


Does it not step to the next agent when the ringing of the first one is timed out? If not, you could always set the agent to autopause on a missed call.

No, It doesn’t step to the next available agent in case of timeout.
But I don’t want to use autopause.

Anyone know how can I use a mixed strategy?

If it doesn’t step, you will need to change the source code.

If there is a version that did step, you could raise a bug report.