Help on MODPROBE for Digium TDM02B

Hello Guys,

I recently installed the latest version of Asterisk in Federo Core 4.0, I have come across a problem… I have installed Asterisk already and unpacked the drivers already. Now the problem is I’m trying to modprobe it, and it gives me this error…


Modprobe is located in /SBIN, and Asterisk is installed in /USR/SRC/ASTERISK, digium drivers are located in /LIB/MODULES/2.6.11-1.1369_FC4/MISC/

Basically, I’m trying to load the drivers into the kernel, please let me know what I’m doing wrong!


are you sure you’ve installed it ? it sounds to me that you’ve “installed” the source but not compiled it.

what steps did you go through to “install”