Help Nokia E65 +asterisk

hello forum, I am trying to connect my nokia E65 to my box of asterisk, but my it says SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized

<— Transmitting (NAT) to —>
SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKtaj8tgku6hhc6klh0m63ulu;received=;rport=5060
From: sip:105@;tag=uop8tgha89hc6nrr0m63
To: sip:105@;tag=as28be6de5
Call-ID: 7MeeMHdBoIfx1gmcfSS-MPt-IV4icd
CSeq: 1798359 REGISTER
User-Agent: Asterisk PBX
Supported: replaces
WWW-Authenticate: Digest algorithm=MD5, realm=“asterisk”, nonce="61d0040c"
Content-Length: 0

I didn’t have any trouble connecting my E65 to my asterisk server.
The first thing i did was to update my firmware, then i created a sip account on the phone, i disabled encryption on my router, because i was having some troubles with the phone when i use WPA encyption.
This is what i did.

Define my access point
Created a SIP account
created and internet telephone profile.

If u think u r not configuring the phone correctly, i can send u a word doc with how i setup my phone.

you can update firmware, because I have tried and I have not found it , where I can vajar firmware of my nokia, you can say the pagina exactly to me?, you also send the document to me, to follow the steps, thanks for your help

Step 1: Create an access point using your home wireless network
Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection and from the following:
• Access Points
o New access Point > Use Default Settings
 Connection Name – (Home / Work)
 Data Bearer – Wireless LAN
 WLAN netw. Name – (name of wireless router)
 Network Status - Public
 WLAN netw. Mode – Infrastructure
 WLAN security mode – Open Network
 WLAN security sett.
 Homepage
Step 2: Create a SIP Profile
Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings
Add New > Default Settings
o Profile Name – default
o Service Provider - IETF
o Default Access Point –
o Public Username – sip:your_extension@asteriskserveripaddress
o Use Compression - No
o Registration – always on
o Use security – No
o Proxy server
o Registrar Server
 Registrar Server addr. – sip:asteriskserveripaddress
 Realm – asterisk
 User name – your_extension
 Password – your_extension
 Transport type – Auto
 Port – 5060
Step 3: Create a Internet Telephone Profile
Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet Telephone Settings
• New Profile
 Name: your_extension
 SIP Profiles: your_extension

thank , my nokia E65 is connected to asterisk


No Problem Man…