[HELP]New voice mail message to SIP phone after registration

I have a VOX configuration question.
I run a home installation; Asterisk 1.2.4 with Nokia E60 as WiSIP phone; firmware version 2.0618.06.05.

Is there a way to configure Asterisk that it sends a message to a WiSIP phone when it registers? Scenario: When getting back home, WiSIP phone registers and I want Asterisk to send a message to WiSIP phone to indicate a VOX was left on the mailbox of the WiSIP phone’s extension during my absence. I can upgrade Asterisk if need be.

VOX… do you mean voicemail or is this some kind of separate product or script?

If i am getting you correct- you have a wisip phone that has a voice mail extension on your home * box. You want some kind of notification sent to your wisip phone when a message is left on it so when you get home, you know to check your voice mail.

If you mean what i think you do, the answer is in sip.conf put mailbox=exten@context for the wisip phone. Remember thats voicemail context not extensions.conf context. If you do that, the phone will be informed of how many voicemails it has and the phone will give you some kind of alert…

IronHelix: Yes, correct read.
It seems the E60 does not process the message. I’ve tried a softphone (X-Lite) and a voice mail icon appears just fine.
To me this is a miss on Nokia’s part.

try also defining vmexten=… maybe it’s looking for that? But yes if it is not alerting the user to a voice mail when xlite registered to the same sip peer does, that sounds like a nokia bug. check to see if maybe they have a firmware fix? also go through a sip debug trace to see if anything pops out…