Visualizing voice messages in browser


I am currently working on developing an asteris application that uses sipml.
I already configured asterisk with several test accounts and I managed to perform phone calls.
If some of the accounts is offline asteriks allows leaving voice messages. I receive these messages on my email later on. I know that the directory for saving all of the messages for every account is the following:var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default
My question: Is there a way to get these messages and put them in my web based application?
I want to be able to play the messages in my browser and see notifications for every account(
voice messages(1) for example).

Thank you very much!

Any help is appreciated!


Thats not an asterisk related issue at all neither a SIPML5 topic. This is more like a design issue.

My suggestions are:

– Use the custom cmd in the voicemail.conf to trigger an alert to your website. As far I know no one has anything like this so you need to figure out the best way to handle the alerts. Having the trigger you can make the visula alert in your webpage easily.

– For the vm recordings move or create a similink to another directory and give apache permission to read that dir, then just display the sound with any plugin to stream it in your webbrowser.

– A plus can be to convert the wav to text and give the user the capabilty to read instead to hear. There are some scripts there to do that.

But then again, this functionality is not part of asterisk or SipML5 so yo need to spend sometime to achieve that.


Thank you for your answer!

Would you mind explaining me how to use the custom cmd? I wasnt able to find anything in the voicemail.conf file.I noticed that in the voicemail.conf is the mailcmd option. I suppose will not be useful in my case.

Thank you!


Yes that is the command, you can check the help here … email.conf or asterisk wiki.

You will need to create your own script to send the email and your desired alert. I just have a basic example here: … ra-el.html (use google translate and go to the script section).