PSTN Provider with CallerID Freedom

Thanks to everyone for the great advice on VOIP-to-PSTN providers. I found one (LINK2VOIP) that worked but their lines were so static filled I could not hear the callee and they could not hear me. The best part about their service though was I could set my callerid to whatever I wanted. Without going into to too much detail, this is what started me on the journey into Asterisk in the first place. I needed a way to spoof my callerid on the fly and change it to whatever suits me at the moment. LINK2VOIP allowed this but their quality sux the big red one.

I have subscribed to Splitinfinity’s service and they have really clear lines as well as their support is courteous and helpful. But I cannot set my callerid to what I want unless I contact them and ask them to change it for me. I’m looking for a service with clear, static free lines, that allows me the ability to change my conf file to show whatever callerid I want. Oh yes, the must be Asterisk compatible and offer low rates.

As they say…ask and you shall receive. The first reply from Splitinfinity was that I couldn’t do it. But then the tech came up with plan “B”. And it works. I have a great provide with very clear lines and I can change callerID settings whenever I choose.

The techs are very helpful and friendly. The rate of .02 per minute also is inticing. So put me down as a satisfied customer.

Thank you for your compliments, I am happy you are happy with our service.

i hope there’s some method of restricting the CallerID you want to numbers actually “belonging” to you.

to my mind, it would be very irresponsible of any ITSP to allow you to use any CallerID, and probably illegal in many countries.

my ITSP only allows me to set mine to a number in the range allocated to me by them, or to numbers from other telcos where i can fax through a bill showing rental of a circuit and number.