UK Trunk Provider Recommendations

Okay so there are loads of companies out there wanting to place your PSTN calls. But very few based in the UK and even fewer allowing you to set your preferred caller ID.

I am using Dellmont companies to place my calls to PSTN as they are the only company allowing me to specify my caller ID without admin fees that I can find. The trouble is, the latency especially on calls to mobile phones is just too high.

I have several sites with many extensions and want to keep my setup really simply by having one call provider but I want to make sure the correct caller ID is presented for each office extension.

Could someone recommend to me a provider that allows different caller ID presentation on a per call basis without set-up fees AND low latency here in the UK?

It’s a big ask and as I’m new to forums - I appreciate I could be in the wrong one so some forum steering would also be appreciated.

Many thanks.


Due to Ofcom rules and regulations in the UK setting callerID that is not registered is not allowed, you can however register callerID’s with a supplier and then set them, But in most cases there will be a cost involved as paperwork is involved. For example Gradwell lets you register 10 CLI’s in addition to any actual numbers you have on the account for no charge when setting up an outbound trunk.

feel free to contact us for details on Gradwell services