UK CallerID... the definitive answer..?

Hi, it has been several years but I am trying again to build a ‘working’ Asterisk box. However, I am still finding it difficult to get the CallerID function working. I have spent days googling for answers, most are old and almost all contradict each other.

Is there a genuine, accurate and working guide that shows the correct setup and configuration for UK Asterisk users?

I have a debian 6.0.5 x64 box with a fresh build from SVN and I am using a genuine TDM400P with one FXO module. I am trying to get CallerID working on a VirginMedia landline. The CID work fine when using a standard phone (so I know it isn’t a service issue).

If anyone can provide or point me in the direction of a working example I would greatly appreciate it…

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This looks like a good guide.

weve not connected analog lines to * for many years now, only using ISDN and SIP/IAX

I note you are on a Virginmedia exchange do you know if it was originally an NTL exchange or a Telewest one as Telewest sometimes used the UK bell method of callerid

Thanks “ianplain” for the link. I have tried using the details listed on the post but still no joy.

Also, I have to say I am very disappointed that nobody else had any suggestions or ideas. Not a single post from anybody at Digium. I’m trying desperately to get a demo system running, which would then lead onto a bigger installation linking multiple sites.


Back to the drawing board…!


Feel free to give me a call on tuesday.

UK callerID is problematic and always flaky at best.

In terms of non-DIgium people, it tends to be hobbyists who use analogue lines. Small businesses will generally use an ITSP and bigger users (and ITSPs) will use ISDN.

In terms of Digium people, if you are using currently supported Digium hardware, the standard response is in a sticky posting at the top of the forum, i.e. please contact Digium commercial support.

I had very unreliable BT caller ID using a OpenVox A400 card (a TDM400P clone), with Caller ID only working 25% of the time at best, although it was fine on phones connected directly to the line. I spent a considerable time playing with the DAHDI config and patching the Dahdi kernel before giving up and purchasing a Sangoma A200 card, which has worked perfectly.